We love all things fresh and local! We offer a cafe with farm to table ingredients, bakery with made from scratch recipes, green house, farm market, decor, local foods, home decor, and so much more!


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About Us

Shores Sisters Farm Market was started in the summer of 2004 by Raya and Renee Shores.

As daughters of a local dairy farmer and cattle dealer, Glenn Shores, they were offered the opportunity to sell sweet corn on his property in Wysox that was formerly owned by his parents, Norm and Glenda Shores.

Norm and Glenda had owned Shores Short Stop, an ice cream shop and deli, from 1980-1994.

100% Family Owned

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Business grew and grew, and Renee quickly decided that she loved the farm market business and the people of Bradford County! She sold flowers, produce, pumpkins, and even Christmas trees. Her older sister, Rachel, moved back to the area, started helping at the small stand, and continues to be a great asset to the business today. Renee continued growing the business while Mike served his time in the Marines. In 2010, Mike was honorably discharged from the service after two tours oversees, and the couple got married in February of 2011. Mike took over growing the sweet corn in Laceyville for his grandfather Tom, and Renee continued running the retail business in Wysox.

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They built the current building in 2012, and Mike’s family is still growing fresh sweet corn for the market today. In 2013, Mike and Renee added the bakery and greenhouse. In 2014-2015, the couple decided the addition of their first child, Ada-Mae, was enough to keep them busy!

With the addition of their second daughter in 2016 and an extremely challenging growing year, Mike and Renee thought any more expansions were on hold. The Lord had other ideas and blessed the business with two new greenhouses in 2017-2018. Customers loved the new expansions and with it came the demand for events and classes which are becoming a large part of the business.

The cafe was added in 2019 with the glass seating area coming in 2020. This part of the business has been a fun addition as we can now offer meals and dining among the plants in the greenhouse for a truly unique experience.

We, at Shores Sisters, are continually grateful to the community for its support of our business and hope to be able to grow and expand in the future to better meet the needs of our customers.


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